Saturday, 30 May 2015

The two day trip to Senegal (Day 1 late afternoon and evening) - Gorée island - At the hotel; strolling around the harbour before dinner - The 23rd of May 2015

I simply loved the hotel decoration, especially the details. There was something about Augustin Ly Hotel that made me feel cosy and rather relaxed. I took a nap and when I woke up made my way up to the upper patios and back down again ... as if I was in a staying-in type of mood. I had to force myself to go out and have something to eat, once I had barely eaten, in fact I had made it through the entire day with a cup of tea and a bottle of water.

I had decided to eat Chez Tonton, who happened to be the owner of the hotel as well, but once I made it to the harbour area, where it was located I was told dinner wouldn't be served before seven thirty or eight, which meant I spent the next hour watching the movement around the ferry area and talking to another guide I had been introduced to in the morning, Cheik, who proved to be an incredible host.

Chez Tonton


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