Sunday, 17 May 2015

Four day trip to the Netherlands (Day 1 - early morning) - On the way to Maastricht - The 14th of May 2015

We landed at Eindhoven Airport late in the evening with very few indications so as to make our way the Hotel, which was supposed to be located fairly close to the Bus and Train Station. Upon reaching it we did encounter a few difficulties once there was no city map to be found anywhere and above all no one walking about whom we could ask the adequate direction to.

Thanks to a kind passer-by we finally managed to walk into the Hotel lounge by midnight, where I briefly greeted Mia on her forthcoming birthday, which was in fact the sole reason we had decided to go on this trip.

Maastricht, where the weather seemed to be better than in any of the surrounding cities that particular day was where we headed to fairly early in the morning. It was only during the five minute walk towards Eindhoven Central Station we would be taking a train from that we realised the previous night's mistake - we had simply taken the wrong exit and helplessly walked around.  

The trip would take about an hour, which allowed us to look at the Brabant landscape we found not to be much different from the one expected in such a country - green pastures all the way and quite a few grazing cattle.

Maastricht train station had a rather positive impact on me, as it was really worth looking at. We were definitely looking forward to making the most of that special day and by the time we walked out into the open air the sun was shining, which was equally a promising prospect.

(To be continued)

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