Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The four day trip to the Netherlands (Day 3 afternoon) - Eindhoven, strolling around the city centre under the rain - The 16th of May 2015

Soon after having finished the Van Abbe Museum visit we walked back to the commercial area close to the Casino and had two huge pizzas at an Italian restaurant just around the corner, which not only was a very cosy place but also had a fairly cheap and good cuisine.

It didn't look like the rain would ever stop but we decided not to be influenced by it negatively and as there was a street market a bit further across the train lines onto the city side we had walked onto the night we had got into Eindhoven we started walking in that direction.

With or without rain bicycles seemed to definitely be the main means of transportation, though some of those "reclined" types we had often come across still made me wonder about potential comfort levels.


Before turning left to get into the street market we came across a whole painted mural in vibrant colours which made a distinct impression on us, though I believe it was solely because the day was virtually grey and those yellow and greens brightened up the atmosphere. 

The market ended up being very similar to the ones we get access to in the Lisbon outskirts and there wasn't anything remarkable about it apart from the huge variety of flowers, so we went across the street to Petrus church, which was closed.

Once we started walking back to where we had come from we came across a wooden bicycle in display at a bicycle store and I once wondered whether it would be more comfortable than the reclined type ones.

Back onto the Central Station area I started noticing details I had not noticed before, which came as a surprise, once we had walked by that area every morning for the last three days on our train trips outside Eindhoven. I felt those improvised café chairs and tables were rather simple and yet creative ideas that worked perfectly well.

We then decided to walk further onto the right heading towards the shopping Malls and the modern part of the city, which was rather impressive.

We got back to the hotel via the Nieuwstraat, not before having stopped at a Wok restaurant to have some dinner, and take some photographs to the statues along it.

Despite the rain it had been a fairly interesting day ... 

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