Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lusiadas for everyone - Street Art - Lisboa - The 3rd of May 2015

"Lusiadas for everyone" read the caption on one of the walls where these graffiti like images were painted and despite the fact that I feel this reference may not mean much for a lot people, it is at least a rather creative approach to one of the highest praised Portuguese poems.

Having been written by Luis Vaz de Camões in Homeric form, Lusiadas mainly focusing on the discovery voyages carried out by the Portuguese used to be one of the hardest studying poems we had to cover (and more often than advisable memorise)  when I was a high School student.

My daughters had to study it as well, though not as thoroughly as in my generation. What does surprise me though is that under the current school system syllabus it seems to have lost the literary importance it had (has).

I wonder how many children and adolescents will feel interested in further expanding their curiosity after having come across these images. I'd like to believe that a few just might ...  


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