Monday, 25 May 2015

Four day trip to the Netherlands (Day 2 late morning) - Breda - Around the city centre; St. Joost Chapel and Breda's Palace - The 15th of May 2015

Once we left the church we strolled around the city centre so as to feel the overall atmosphere and every now and then almost in an inevitable way fell upon details which were quite interesting, such as bycicles decorated with flowers, statues which despite not being historic oriented seemed nevertheless to tell a story ... or the odd sculptures embedded in the walls of certain buildings.

While walking along one of the main commercial streets we came across a chapel, whose story I had read about before. It is said that a certain Bishop vowed to have a chapel built in case Breda was spared major violence during World War II. One the war was over it was decided upon turning this 15th century chapel, which was being used as a residence at the time, into a memorial chapel.


We finally got back to the Valkenberg park with the fortress Blokhuis and the beautiful Stadtholder's gate, which now gives access to governmental buildings. It is said to have initially pertained to the 12th century fortress later turned into a Renaissance Palace.

We took some photographs of the small bridge close to which stood a rather interesting statue of a Vicentine nun just before having reached the train station and make our way back to Eidhoven.

I felt Breda was rather unique and I must confess I really enjoyed visiting it ...


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