Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The four day trip to the Netherlands (Day 3 morning still) - Eindhoven - On the way to The Van Abbe Museum; Van Abbe Museum - The 16th of May 2015

Following the visit to Saint Catherine's church we headed towards the Van Abbe Museum Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art having stopped at a church and the Townhall square with its World War II memorial on the way. It looked as if could rain any moment but we were not that worried once we expected to spend at least the next two hours exploring the Museum.

The Museum was established in 1936 and is named after his founder, Henry Van Abbe, who was a lover of modern Art having collected more than 2700 works of Art which include 700 paintings, 1000 sculptures and various installations.
A new wing is said to have been added as an extension to the old building whose space could not accommodate the aquired contemporary Art works.
We walked around its garden coming from the back part  and as we made it to the Museum entrance it started to rain quite heavily.

We walked straight into the Modern Art gallery, which is not what I had envisaged to explore. I am not particularly keen on Modern Art, which came as a shock once we were addressed by a guide in that section to soon leave him wondering why he hadn't convinced us to visit that particular part of the Museum. I nevertheless still managed to photograph two pieces I felt were rather interesting. 

Once we walked into the paintings' section I felt "at home". There's something about Art which definitely impacts me in such a way that it feels like tha's where I belong and I can spend endless hour admiring the strokes of paint and letting myself get entangled in artistry.

Hommage à Apolinnaire by Mark Chagal - 1913

La Roche Guyon by Georges Braque - 1909  (left). Femme en vert by Pablo Picasso - 1909 (right)

Farm (detail) by Heinrich Campendonk - 1919

Blick auf Murnay mit kirche by Wassily Kandinsky - 1910 (left). Landshap by Jan Sluijters (right)

Winterbild by Max Beckmann - 1930

Le bain des vagabonds by Jean Brusselmans - 1936

Vrouwenfiguren by Charley Toorop - 1931-32

Dance Hall by Gust. De Smet - 1921

Stadsgezicht by Carel Willink - 1934

(To be continued)


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