Saturday, 2 May 2015

White Elephant ...

Whilst looking for films to discuss with former students of mine, in what we expect to turn into regular film discussion gatherings, I came across a rather compelling film inspired by the true story of the Argentinian priest and activist Carlos Mujica.


Despite not being sure whether I'll actually use it in the open discussions (merely because of the violent scenes) I was deeply impressed by the courageous stand people like father Mujica have taken (must take) to defend the rights of the poor communities they have dedicated (dedicate) their lives to.

Pablo Trapera, the film director has been equally courageous  not only for having chosen to expose the moral tightrope these men must walk while confronting the surrounding atmosphere of ruthless gangs and the church hierarchy but also in having filmed  it in one of those problematic slums.

He had the courage to further state in an interview the experience was extremely positive, having provided him with a better insight into what it is like to live in those slums, which ultimately led to having a more realistic perspective incorporated in the film, whose main theme he had so extensively researched.


To add to what has been previously said I must say actors were brilliant I am therefore not surprised that the critics have been favourable so far.

"A scorchingly paced, thrillingly mounted drama" - Daily Telegraph

"Darin and Renier are both terrific." The List


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