Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The four day trip to the Netherlands (Day 3 morning cont.) - Eindhoven - Saint Catherine's Church (cont.) - The 16th of May 2015


I then started looking at the sculptures and paintings that decorated the churche walls, as well as the stained glass windows, which I found to be particularly interesting as far as the modern design is concerned.


In the gallery behind the altar I came across a number of pictures painted by pupils from the Kinder Kunststudio "Raduga", some as young as six as well as from another "words and images" project, which I couldn't help but photograph, not only because I felt it was a rather unique approach to Art but also the fact of having those paintings which were not religious oriented displayed in the church.

No information was provided in English with the exception of a placard outside and one area dedicated to former excavations where 750 human remains were said to have been discovered. According to that information close to the reconstruction of the facial features of two of those corpses, many of the coffins found during those excavations were coated with a lime layer, which certainly meant that those buried in them had passed away due to infectious diseases and must have probably been plague victims. 

I found the visit to be rather interesting, though as a foreign visitor I would have liked to have had access to information in any other Language but Dutch, which I can't speak. 

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