Thursday, 3 March 2011

The last present for the children of Calheta prior to leaving to Cape Verde ...

At this time tomorrow (if the TACV flight gets to Cape Verde on time) I may already be collecting my luggage at Praia Airport.

I have been handed the last presents for one of the children and like always I have photographed it and will soon photograph Odete getting them (a colouring book with crayons and pencils, as well as a new pink dress and some child's jewellery). Célia has also provided me with some money to ameliorate her eating habits.

Odete's presents

I would lie if I were to say that I am not nervous ... because I am. Much time has been dedicated to this project ... from  structuring these and previous workshops in detail to buying the necessary material ... and even finding "Godparents" willing to help provide for their studies.

Every single gesture  counts ... every moment spent with them may "influence" their  future lives ...

May I have the strength to carry on !!!...

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