Thursday, 24 March 2011

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - the sixth day (cont.)

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

Thursday, the 10th of March 2011
The Theatre group

Not all of the "actors" have been able to come today because of the school timetable, but I have taken advantage of this half an hour to further work on small details, such as the walking of  the animal "actors", potential facial expressions (though they'll be wearing "loup masks") and anything necessary to enhance the acting itself.

Eduardo (Left) and Kevin (Right).

Valter (Left) and Gerson (Right).

The "Arts and Crafts" group 1

The girls who had finished  two or even three "pieces of Art"  already have today made puzzles, origami faces and animals, as well as put stickers on the books their "godmothers"sent for them.

Joceline (Left) and her sister Ivanilde Elena (Right) making puzzles
Diva (Left) and Rivia (Right) completing the sticker books the "godmothers" sent for them;
Marie Hélène and Sibylle helping out Joceline (Left) and Ivanilde Elena (Right) witht the completion of the books.
Sibylle  and I helping Eunice (Right) and Rivia (Left) with their origami figures respectively.

Rivia (Left) and Eunice (Right) with their finished origami figures.

Josseane with her finished sticker painting

The fact that I take quite a few photos throughout the workshops plays and important role in the lives of these children, all of whom I have given  photo albums to and where they get to put their printed photos in.  Irrespective of them feeling proud of what they have achieved (their expressions speak for themselves), I would like them to use those photos as a future incentive.

I had a break before the English class as the singing "choir" did not come today (the final rehearsal being Saturday morning) so Marie Hélène and I went down to the port to buy some coconut "diamond shaped" cookies, which had  (unfortunately) not yet been cut ...

View of the village fishing port (Left). Dona Lala cutting the coconut cake.

English class
06H00/07H30 PM

The girls' performance in today's class was an absolute "disaster". This may have had to do with yesterday's late Carnival celebration (though I personally don't consider it to have been the main reason) or  a circumstance I felt might influence the girls'  attitude, as I had  (so rightly) anticipated ... but either way ...  and in all fairness to them, I won't "judge" their learning capability based on today's  performance ... They have been doing fairly well so far and will hopefully continue to do so, even if tomorrow is their last day with me.

Regarding the diary page they were supposed to have handed in today and haven't (with one exception)   the ones which will be submitted till middday tomorrow will still be accounted for as potential "prize" winners.


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