Monday, 14 March 2011

Calheta, Cape Verde - The handing out of the presents (cont.)

I was particularly impressed by one of the girl's reaction as she received her presents ... she held her tears from falling down her face. I clearly realized she had never been given so many things  at one time ... and as I showed her the "godmother's" picture and the adopted child she has, (Nair, who happens to be of Cape Verdian origin ) ... she held the letters Nair had sent her against her heart ... I felt she would burst into tears at any moment ... but she didn't .

Carla wearing the new clothes and shoes Rosario and her family bought for her.

Erica, whose "godmother" is my French friend Noëlle was more interested in holding a toy cat she was given by the Gymn I go to than the new clothes she was sent, though she decided to show it in a sort of model like pose.

Erica with her new clothes and the soft toy cat.

Lola, who has attended one of my previous workshops and whom I have always considered a fairly sad looking child, glowed with happiness as she was given the new clothes Carla Carreira bought for her (even if her skirt didn't fit) and particularly the new baby doll ... (something she told me she had been longing to have for a few years).

Lola with her presents (Left) and trying out her new outfits.

Eduardo and Veinilson have both attended some of my previous workshops and although Eduardo has had a "godmother" for one year already, Veinilson has just got herself one. They were both very happy with their presents and whilst Eduardo was soon off to get himself the bike he has been waiting for for the last six months Veinilson was to follow so as to assemble the new car he was given by the gymn I go to.

Eduardo in his new red T-shirt offered by Silvia, the  sticker book and shiny sticking fish given by Maria João (Left). Veinilson in the new outfit bought by Luis and the "potential car" car to be if he manages to assemble it (Right).

Neuza, Justina, Tarine and Ivanilda have all had "Godmothers" for a year, but irrespective of being used to these "special" moments already can't help showing their hapiness everytime they know I am  around to bring them the "precious" things.

Neuza trying out and wearing the blouses sent by Surama.
Justina holding the presents sent by Isabel (Left). Wearing one of the outfits and holding the doll offered by the gymn I go to (Right).
Tarine with the clothes Fatima sent her and the soft cow given by little Beatriz (Left) and wearing the new clothes (Right).
Ivanilda wearing the hooded shirt and the shorts Paula and Silvia sent her respectively (Left). Holding the soft toy Paula sent her (Right).

Ivanilda Elena is hearing impaired and that in itself makes her a "special" child, who needs support, this is why I was happy to see her being "sellected" by Carlos Bicho and his family. She wore the new clothes sent by them and ran back to the new doll she had also been given soon after.

Ismael is also "special" because of having lost his mother at an early age, so the fact that he  recently got himself a "gardian angel" made me happy. Sérgio his "protector" sent him a couple of T-shirts and two toys.

Ivanilda Elena wearing her new clothes (Left). Ismael wearing one of his new T-shirts (Right).

(to be continued)

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