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Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - The second and third days (the 6th and 7th of March 2011)

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

Sunday, 6th of March 2011
English Class
06H00/07H30 PM

Thirteen girls of the ADEC "Tudo Cool" group have shown again today, so we continued focusing on the development of their English speaking skills, by introducing a wider range of vocabulary, this time related to their own lives, in case they need to offically introduce themselves or are asked to talk about the life they lead. 

We soon moved onto the diary writing strategies ... and had I not felt slightly tired we would have continued talking about these matters, whose importance and purpose they seem to be finally "grasping". 

Monday, 7th of March 2011 (Morning)

The "Arts and Crafts" group 2
08H00/10H00 AM

As I approached the ADEC school there were already a few girls waiting for me, which made me feel "welcome" ... Out of those who were there I just knew two (one having attended my workshop last September and the other one having been around to get her "godmother's" presents two days ago).

Outside ADEC

Similarly to what happened with the first "Arts and Crafts" group, the girls who had attended previous workshops were given more "demanding" works of Art, whilst the "new" ones got fairly easy pieces of Art  to do, until I am able to evaluate their "artisitc" skills.

The room was to be soon filled with girls for whom there was no space available (irrespective of the Maire having provided ADEC with aditional chairs and tables), so Sibylle was "forced" to re-arrange the groups, having had to send five girls home, who will be integrated in tomorrow's group.

I was impressed with their comittment, enthusiasm ... and happiness (as the pictures underneath show).

Artemisa, Eunice de Jesus, Eunice, Elcy and Marline (from Left to Right).

Nolita (Left). Lou and a girl whose name I don't recall doing their felt tip brush  Art pieces under Marie Hélène's orientation (Right).

Mena (Left). Filomena and Artemisa (Right).

Maria de Jesus joining numbered dots and colouring as in accordance with  pre-determined instructions

Following the reading of the story they sellected images they had to  set into the sequence of the story prior to having to colour them the way they want ... and that not only gave me an idea of how much they had understood but also proved to be quite a "special" moment.

They really enjoy  having stories read to them (probably because story books are not available in the village stationer's and bookshop, nor are they included in the school activities.

Eunice being prompted to tell me about the story picture she selected.

"The Portuguese Language reading and writing skills development"
The ADEC football group of 15 children
10H00/ midday

In the sequence of  an approach to the Portuguese Language initiated during the previous April workshop, which further helps these children to widen up their vocabulary range (in regards to professions), as well as their reading and writing skills, we started reading a story book "The shoemaker and the dwarfs", focusing on the writing and pronunciation of either difficult or unknown words to them, going on tho the colouring of each page which was successfully read, understood and discussed.

But whilst we were waiting for them all to join the class Britta supervised  some of their puzzle making activities ... I must confess I was surprised to see them doing those so quickly (taking into account the first experience I had with them one year ago, when I first brought some puzzles with me for them to do ... and they could hardly identify the corresponding pieces .... let alone having them fit correctly).

I am glad I offered ADEC their first puzzles, because I am now sure that must have made a difference ...

Britta supervising the puzzle making (Left). Ju colouring the first page of his story book (Right).

The morning activity which caught the boys and girls attention the most though, was the reading and stickers activity book. Each of the children had to read a cue and select the adequate sticker to complete the page of the book, which we' ll hopefully have finished by the end of the week. It will then be offered to ADEC, so that they may further expand from that, as there are quite a few other activities one can do with it.

Explaining the rules to the children supervised by Duche (Left). Supervising the sticking of the adequate stickers onto the book (Right).

Attentively watching the sticking the adequate sticker onto the book

It was time to go to Sibylle's for lunch ... and as Marie Hélène and I walked down ... we came across this "inspiring" scene ...
I will unfortunately have not time for a "siesta", as I'll be back in one hour and a half, for another 6 hours work.

On the way to Sibyle's (Left). Detail of the "siesta" scenario (Right).

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