Sunday, 13 March 2011

Calheta, Cape Verde - The handing out of the presents (2nd Part)

Sunday morning Marie Hélène and I headed towards the ADEC centre, right behind Sibylle's where there were already  10 of the 21 children I am supposed to hand presents to.

This is also where I have taught last night and where I shall be carrying out the various workshops and teaching both the Portuguese and English Languages till next Friday.

There are children I am seeing for the first time, like little Odete, who was fairly frightened and virtually wanted to leave straight after having received her presents, inspite of her Mum's effort to make her stay.

Little Odete with the presents Célia sent for her (Left). Odete with her mother (Right).

Little Aniza on the other hand wanted to stay, as long as she was allowed to hold the new doll and soft cat her "godmother" Celeste sent her, even whilst getting her dress on. 

Little Aniza holding her little doll (Left). Wearing her new dress and holding her doll and cat on each side (Right).

Rivia (whose name I had initially though to be Livia) was fairly nervous. The moment she saw the decorated bag with all of her presents, she stood there almost motionless, listening to everything I had to say and show. She walked back and forth with every outfit she was given and when she was handed the envelope from her "godmother" Paula Martins, she held it with the same care she did everyhting else.

Rivia being shown the presents Paula sent for her, surrounded by some of the other girls (Left). Wearing one of her new outfits

With a new T-shirt and sandals.

Diva  approached me very quietly and those almond shaped eyes were attentive to evey moment I made, from the simple opening of the bag which had the new clothes Lurdes had bought for her to the photo calendar with her own photo (which made the delight of every child in the room, to the point of having them ask me if they could have one like that). 

Diva holding her new clothes, whilst being shown the calendar Lurdes had done for her with her own picture (Left). Wearing her new clothes (Right).

Rosana, whom I have known for three years and whose outing personality I have always felt for, seemed rather quiet until she was given her new dress ... and then it all changed as she "walked in" it dancing, but when she was given the doll I was deeply touched ... one could see she was really happy. 

Rosana with the new dress Carla Brigida bought for her (Right). Wearing a new T-sirt, and holding her new doll (Right).

Josefina showed up by mistake, but as just a few days before Cecilia, a colleague of mine had asked me to become a "godmother", I decided to hand her out the new outfit I had bought in her name. She was very thrilled because of not having been "excluded". Patricia, whose "godmother" is Sibylle was also given a new T-shirt I bought for her and some shorts sent for her by Silvia.

Josefina (Left). Patricia (Right).

(To be continued)

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