Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - 1st day (5th of March 2011)

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde
Saturday, 5 March 2011

Although I have reached Cape Verdian soil last night, all I managed to do was to get to Sibylle's (where I am staying at once more). Because of the school Carnival parade, I shall "effectively" start tomorrow, that is - I shall be working with three groups from ADEC (one of which shall be divided in two because of the number of girls), a group of boys whom I have worked with in previous workshops, and a theatre group sellected from  two of these groups in an estimated total number of about 85 children from 8H00 AM through to 07H30 PM.

Today the only group I shall be working with will be the "Tudo Cool" group in the development of the English Language, late in the afternoon.

As my friend Marie Hélène's flight only got into Praia around 03H00 in the morning, we only met at around 10H00, having headed directly to the ADEC school, to see the premises I hadn't seen yet and to arrange the tables in a semi circle for the English class.

But as Sibylle and I approached Miramaio pension where Marie Hélène was staying at, we came across some of the girls I'll be working with later, some of which I knew already (Leinira, my protégée and Rosana) on their way to dress themselves up for the school parade. 

We (Marie Hélène and I) didn't resist heading towards the school Velhinho Rodrigues, where I had carrried out the workshops before, to check on the Carnival preparation, soon after ... and all of a sudden I was surrounded by children (many of whom I had had in my previous workshops) ... and the Carnival spirit took over both of us. 

(From left to right) Delmizia, Erica, Rosana and Leinira (Left). Together with Nélida in their Carnivala outfits (Right).

I was really happy to see some familiar faces and  realise how grown up they were since I had last seen them (September 2010), even if some of them will  unfortunately not be attending any of the workshops this time (which is Juliza and Ana's case).

ADEC football group (Left). Josseane and Lavinia (Right).
Veronica (Left). Juliza and Ana (Right).

The parade which was supposed to have started by 11H00AM just began  around 03H00 PM as we were on our way to Cutelo Miranda, but ... I couldn't help taking a few pictures ... The mixed sequence of colours was outstanding and although we couldn't stay much longer ... it was worth having been here .

 Some familiar faces (still) ... Kévén in white and blue and Marline in red ...

... But the outfit which impressed me the most was this "reduced" version of Spiderman ...

(to be continued)

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