Thursday, 17 March 2011

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - Second day (6th of March 2011)

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - Second day
Sunday, 6th March 2011

"The singing group" - 01H30/02H00 PM
The Teatre group - 02H00/03H00 PM

After having distributed some of the presents I headed back to Sibylle for lunch, as by 01H30 PM I shall be having a group of boys, who have previously attended  some of the "Arts and Crafts"  workshops, as well as one dedicated to poetry reading.

As always I brought them the photos I had taken in previous workshops, as I personally believe it may be of some importance for their confidence and self esteem even to realise what they have actually achieved and are capable ot achieving. Each of them has been given a photo album, where they "keep" these "precious" images. They always seem to love this moment (even if they are given the photos a few months later).

Ismael and Valter looking at the photos taken in the previous poetry and "Arts and Crafts" workshops of last September respectively.

I shall only have half an hour a day with the group of boys, so I have decided to have them sing one "Sound of Music" song, knowing how thrilled they are to learn  English. "Do-Re-Mi" is the song I have selected, so  prior to having them sing, I have today tried to have them understand what the whole song is about, so they may (hopefully) sing it knowing what it is about.

Veinilson, Esmael, Valter and Andelson writing down the lyrics of the song (from left to right).

Eduardo (Left) and  Ismael (Right) writing down the lyrics. Wilson, Gerson, Kévén, Valter and Andelson (from left to right) after having written the lyrics of the song.

Gerson (Left) and Marcio and Kevin (Right) pronouncing the difficult words.

Having a good laughter because of the pronunciation of certain words.

We did really enjoy ourselves and all of the boys  got excited with the idea of preparing this "surprise song" without letting anyone know about it. At least we have agreed upon keeping it all  a "secret" for the final party on Saturday.

Theatre group
02H00/03H00 PM

We then carried out  a sort of theatre casting involving the boys participating in the singing group in order  to sellect the five boy actors needed for the play we intend to prepare for Saturday. After having summarized the play and without having given them the written lines, (following my daughter's advice and theatrical experience) I had each of them impersonate the male animal characters (a rabbit, a dog, a cat, a tiger and a monkey), not to have them "hooked" onto words but rather on  actions.

Talking about the role of the cat in the play 

We ended up reaching a concensus as to the group of boys who shall be acting (with their own participation in the sellection), and though I am worried I may not have sufficient time to get this play ready for Saturday's party ... there is a touch of confidence ...  as if I could trust their capacity to overcome any difficulty regarding either the text or the sequence of the scenes ... 

We'll have to see how it goes ...

(to be continued)

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