Thursday, 17 March 2011

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - Second day (6th March 2011) - cont.

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde
Sunday, 6th March 2011

"The Arts and Crafts " group
03H00/05H00 PM

The first group of girls (nineteen showed up) for the "Arts and Crafts" workshop walked in at 03H00 PM and although many of them have attended some of my previous workshops there are some "new" girls that will require much of our attention (Marie Hélène, Sibylle and mine), because of never having done any of these type of works before, though much of it will obviously depend on their skills

I  distributed different types of "art projects" to each of them taking into account their previous experience regarding the materials, so the "new" girls were given fairly easy projects to start with - framed designs they are supposed to colour with felt tip pens as in accordance with specific pattern orientations, whilst many of the other ones were given projects which require further preciseness and patience, once they will be using tempera and acrilic paint,  as well as felt tip brushes.

Their interest and committment can easily be seen in the photos that follow.

Patricia (Left) and Justina (Right).

Leinira and Josseane (Left). Lavinia (Right).

Ivanilda (Left). Simone and Neuza (Right).

Carla (Left). Diva (Right).

Rosana (Left). Delmizia (Right).

Sandrina (Left). Cinthia (Right)

Daniela (Left). Lou (Right)

Like always the story reading time was a special moment, not only because the main character of the story was an African girl they easily related to but also because it is the moment they are allowed to freely express themselves about what they see (... and the pictures were really appealing) and feel.

Note: Of the nineteen girls who showed up ( Leinira, Neuza, Simone, Lavinia, Ivanilda, Josseane, Nélida, Veronica, Patricia, Lola, Justina, Leinira, Rosana, Carla, Diva, Cinthia, Sandrina, Daniela and Lou, the first twelve of the above mentioned list had already attended previous workshops)

(to be continued)


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