Monday, 14 March 2011

Calheta, Cape Verde - The handing out of the presents (Last part) ...

One of the main goals of my French friend Marie Hélène who has come all the way from France (close to the Swiss and German border) was to get to meet the girl she has decided to "help", so soon after having handed out the presents to the children who came to the ADEC headquarters we headed towards Manguinho, where she lives. 

She was naturally nervous, but determined not to let her limited knowledge of the Portuguese Language interfere in this "process" ... As we walked along the cobble stoned streets heading towards the port, the village people kept on looking at her and even talking to her in creole believing she might be one of them, because of the colour of her skin.

A group of village dwellers and children followed us to the house, expecting to find out what was exactly going on. Joceline, her parents, little boy and Ivanilda Elena (her younger sister) were all waiting for us and prior to handing her out the presents we sat around in the living room talking.

Marie Hélène showing some pictures from Martinica and France to both Joceline's family and their neighbours, Diva and Diva's mother (Left). Joceline's family with Marie Hélène (Right).

Joceline wearing her new T-shirt and showing one of her presents.

Marquinho's family forgot to bring him around to get the clothes and presents sent by Salomé, but having his sister Ludmila in my English classes we arranged for him to come around the following Monday morning to collect them.The photos I took of him need no further explanations ... he was thrilled with both the presents and his "godmother's" photo.

Marquinho wearing his new clothes and holding the airplane kit and colouring book and pencils (Left). Holding Salomé's photo (Right).

Marquinho with an additional present I gave him the day I left.

Nessinha was the last child to get the presents, as I stopped by her great grand mother's house Monday morning on my way to ADEC. She almost always looks shy when being given anything, but I know she likes them ...

Nessinha wearing the new clothes Sandra sent her and holding a small soft dog given by little Beatriz and a little bag sent by Cristina Igreja  (Left). With her great grand mother, Nha Francisca she lives with (Right). 

Apart from the new clothes, toys and books all of these children have their kindergartens or school and books payed for (the next school year fees payment having already been given to Sibylle and some of their mothers).

A few more children are in need of "gardian angels", and I am hopeful new "potential godparents" will come forward to further help carry on this "solidarity campaign"  ...

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