Saturday, 19 March 2011

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - The afternoon of the third day (7th of March 2011)

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

The singing group
01H30/02H00 PM

We have today continued to write down the lyrics of the song and "attempt" to sing the part they are already supposed to know. I am worried, as they don't seem to have such a good singing capacity ... but I might have got the wrong idea, as they were all too excited ... and this may have had a bearing on the actual singing of the song ... , though I must say their English accent is fine ...

The Theatre group
02H00/03H00 PM

We have started "rehearsing" the scene sequence acting focusing on the voice inflections needed to attract the public's attention, as well as the tone of voice required to be heard by every potential spectator, which is not an easy task as the room is quite big. The success of this theatrical piece will mostly depend on the  main actor and actress (the ladybird and the monkey), as well as the narrator, and we still have a lot of work ahead, particularly because we'll only have four hours left till the final rehearsal on Saturday.

All of them will be wearing "loup" masks with the exception of Marline and Lou, so I have had them rehearse wearing them, so they get used to them as part of their acting.

I am astounded because for a first attempt it was very well ... they really got in to their parts and that's a great beginning ...

Marline acting one of her parts (Left). Pedrilson listening to my latest remarks (Right).

Lou revising her narrating cues and Kevin and Eduardo as actors listening to my constructive criticism (Left). Marline and Gerson acting their part (Right).

The "Arts and Crafts " group 1
03H00/05H00 PM

Whilst some of the girls are already finishing their first "piece of Art", others are just beginning, though my main objective is to have each of them finish at least two to exhibit on the "Workshops" final party.

Joceline and Erica (Left). Tarine (Right).

Delmizia (Left) and Rosana (Right) with their finished velvet paintings.

Daniela (Left) and Sandrina (Right) with their finished velvet paintings.

Patricia (Left) and Lola (Right) with their finished felt brush paintings.

Today's story " Goldilocks and the three bears" really had them thrilled as it was presented in a theatre like type of approach with the scene setting pages being changed as in accordance with the different moments of the story and the characters being moved about in and around it.

Looking atentively at the scenario sequencing

Telling the story (Left). Being allowed to touch the scenario in small groups of eight children every time (Right).

The English Language group

We have today revised what they are supposed to have learned in these last three days, having used a small bag where each of them gets a paper out indicating what they have to do - either translate into Portuguese or English some of the phrases they have been working on.

As they did well, we played an English memory game for about half an hour, which they really enjoyed, as every time each of them turned a card, apart from finding its "pair", had to say the corresponding word (to the image) in English.

Everyone took part in it, though as "observers" (including the ADEC President and vice-President, Beat and Sibylle respectively, as well as my friend Marie Hélène).

What an interesting  way to finish the day ... I am exhausted ... but very happy (I must say ...).

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