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Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - the sixth day (the 10th of March 2011)

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

Thursday, the 10th of March 2011
The "Arts and Crafts" group 2
08H00/10H00 AM

We didn't exactely know what today's activities would look like throughout the day as the children were restarting school today and it  would all depend on their timetables, though as far as I was concerned it woudn't  make too much of a difference, once they are doing individual "pieces of art" and as long as the total number of children does not exceed 18 per group, it is OK with me.

Working with coloured sand after having been told the meticulous procedures they have to follow

Lola (Left) and Daniela (Right) with their finished works of coloured sand
Veronica with her finished felt tip brush painting

I have had some of the girls sketch children of the world in traditional outfits using "postcrossing" postcards in both groups... and was surprised to see that two of those (Joceline and Diva's) really looked similar to the original ...

Rivia, Ivanilde Elena, Nolita, Joceline, Eunice de Jesus and Diva (afternoon group)  using "postcrossing" cards  to sketch from.

Joceline holding her sketch.

I have also had them make puzzles, which for those who had attended previous wokshops seemed fairly easy. The same didn't happen with some of the  girls who were seeing puzzles for the first time, though after having  been taught how to make them, enthusiasm helped them through the difficulties.

Lou and Delmizia looking for the adequate pieces to finish the "African boy" puzzle (Left). Artemisa and Erica  having finished the "Eskimo boy" puzzle (Right).

The Portuguese Language vocabulary development class

Whilst we were waiting for some of the children o fthis group, the ones who were already there sat down to get on with the school homework, but as soon as all of them were at ADEC's we  started playing the  game whe had played the day before and to my surprise they did  a lot better today than they had before. It is undeniable that they have learnt some description strategies as well as some new vocabulary.

Having them "articulate" some difficult words (Left). Duche and Britta "supervising" the game strategies.

They have done a lot better than they have before and I am astounded at the amount of vocabulary they are now able to adequately use.

It was soon time for lunch and I don't know if it was tiredness or any other similar "symptom" ... but I felt the simple act of chewing would  further tire me out ... (I felt I'd rather do with a "siesta" of half an hour) ....

(to be continued)

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