Monday, 21 March 2011

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - The fifth day (The 9th of March 2011)

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

Wednesday, 9th of March 2011
The "Arts and Crafts" group 2 
08H00/10H00 AM

The children have today continued with the "Art pieces" which are not completed yet. Some of the "protégé" girls who have already finished one or two "Art works"  have been given books sent by their "godmothers" to either read or colour, all of which have stickers to  be adequately stuck as in accordance with either a series of cues or rules.  The girls love these because not only does  this "system" make reading easier and more interesting for them but also turns them into active "partakers" in the building up of the books.

Lola, Josefine and Rivia sticking the adequate stickers with Sibylle's help (Left). Proudly holding the books (Right).

Lavinia, Lou, Tarine and Marline finishing their first  "Art pieces" (from left to right).

Ivanilde Elena and Eunice de Jesus colouring "dolls of the world"

Lola (Left) and Simone (Right) with their sticker finished works.

Lou (Left) and Tarine (Right) with their  finished felt tip brush and tempera painting "works of Art" respectively.

"The Portuguese Language development skills"

Soon after a short ten minute vocabulary assessing test, the Portuguese lesson took a completely new direction today as I decided to play a puzzle game like (gently offered by Marie Hélène) with the children, which implied having to describe the picture to the others, who in turn would have to find out what it was. This describing action was then followed by image association as the children had to complete the two piece puzzle with the adequate missing half. This was not only fun but also allowed them to further develop  profession  oriented vocabulary.

We had fun and that's what I believe the whole thing of learning is and should be about.

Taking the written test

Elisiana describing the picture and having completed the two piece puzzle.

 "The singing group"
01H30/02H00 PM

I have today decided to have the boys sing the "Sound of Music" song in a rap like type of approach, having realised they definately don't have too much of  a "singing" capacity ... but the way we have tried it out today just sounded fine. Patrick, who hadn't shown so far has today joined the group, so there will be at least 13 boys singing.

I am really happy with today's decision regarding the song ... and the boys seem a lot more thrilled with this latest "approach".

(To be continued)

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