Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The "Jordanian approaches" circuit - Day one (cont.)

The "Jordanian approaches" circuit - The afternoon of day one (cont.)

The Citadel
The 22nd  of January 2011

The Citadel National Historic Site, perched on top of Jabal al-Qal'a (one of the city hills) was used as a settlement and a fortress during the Bronze Age (1800 BC).
Its view is overwhelming with the 162-166 AD Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Mosque and Palace Dome remains, not to mention  what is left of the 5th and 6th Centuries AD  Byzantine Basilica.

The Audience Hall (Left). The Temple of Hercules (Right).

Another view of Hercules Temple

The Amman quarters downhill look claustrophobic, though there was a peculiar glowing light about them ... A slightly cold wind  started to blow, but it did not affect us for too long as we were heading to the Jordan Archeological Museum.

Amman  seen from the Citadel

Though small, the Museum houses very important artefacts from all the archeological sites in the country, amongst which were the Statues of Ain Ghazal made from plaster and represemting Human models, dating back to the early Neolithic period (8000 - 6000 BC) and which are presumably the earliest statues ever done, as well a terracotta anthropoid sarcophagus from Jebel el-Qusour, dating to the second Iron Age  (1000-539 BC) to be seen below on the left.

Jebel el-Qusour sarcophagus (Left). Ain Ghazal statues (Right).

Today has been a day to remember in terms of awakening many of my senses ... So far everything has been perfect ... and although I am not tired I'll be going to bed early, so as to be prepared for the "Desert Castles" trip ..., just South of the capital city.

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