Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Unregistered Postcrossing cards ... or just sometimes ...

I sometimes wonder why some Postcrossing cards don't reach their destinations and for all I would like to believe the postcrossers I have sent those cards to are not accountable for that  situation ... I must confess that I do (sometimes) have my doubts ... particularly when postcrossers I have sent a message to (asking them to let me know whether they would like me to send them another card) don't even acknowledge having been sent a message.

This has led me to consider (more than once) not participating in postcrossing anymore, particularly because I take this seriously, not only in  regards to registering the cards soon after I get them, but also in terms of the cards I send, taking into account the card preferences or the identified favourite cards in the walls of those I am sending cards to. 

Out of the five cards, who most probably will never have the right to be in my postcrossing wall as having been sent, only one might have actually been mislaid or lost ( solely based on the fact that the postcrosser I sent it to in China responded to my message saying he had unfortunately not received it).

It all comes down to the "concept" of respect ... or maybe lack of respect some people  (sometimes) have ... for other people's efforts to "satisfy" them in something as simple (yet important) ... as a postcard.

Just for the record ...  and in order to have them stand out in a special "place" (irrespective of it not being a wall) ... here are the latest "unregistered" cards ...

PT - 159200 sent to Malaysia (Left)
PT - 157176 sent to China (Right)

PT- 160564 sent to Japan (Left)
PT- 160242 sent to Ukraine (Right)

PT- 161199 sent to Germany

Note: Card PT-161199 has since then been registered, so has Card PT-157176 sent to China (received on the 20th of February), though the postcrosser I sent it to never received the first card I had previously sent out.
Card PT-159200 sent to Malaysia has also been recently registered .

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