Sunday, 13 February 2011

The "Jordanian approaches circuit" - Day 5

The "Jordanian approaches circuit" - Day 5

Wadi Rum - Rupestral Thamudic rock drawings
The 26th of January 2011

We headed South for an adventurous trip in the Wadi Rum desert and although I had read about it, I was not prepared for such a spectacular natural environment of "giant granite, basalt and sandstone mountains rising up to 800m sheer from the desert floor". We were picked up in three off-road 4x4 vehicles from the Visitor's centre to "explore" the heart of these vast stretches of redish sand, strange shapes and multiple colour rocks, as well as some of the rupestral Thamudic rock drawings, which date back to  the fourth millennium BC.

Somewhere on the way going South (Left). The Wadi Rum Visitor Centre (Right).

We  have stopped twice at bedouin tents to drink tea with cardomon  and now we shall soon be heading towards another group of tents where we shall have an open barbecue lunch and where the bus is supposed to pick us up to continue our trip down South. I am absolutely amazed at the views ... and so is everybody else ...

These are moments I shall not forget ...

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