Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Some of the latest presents for the children of Calheta ...

Although I have not been able to collect all the presents for the children of Calheta, I have today been handed  some of the latest. Paula Marina and Rosario kindly handed them out to Carla Brigida, who in turn brought them to me, together with a few blouses and two pairs of sandals she herself separated from her own things in case they are necessary for any other child.

I have been given a decorated bag with two beautiful T-shirts, a violet skirt, some underwear, a pair of sandals and child jewellery for Livia, together with an envelope, to which I have added a small rag doll (given by little Beatriz). Livia's "Godmother" Paula Marina has also included two aditional T-shirts for any other child who may need them. 

I have also been given a  card decorated pack for Carla with the presents bought by her "Gardian Angel" family (Rosario and her daughter Nair). I have photographed it from the front and back ... and although I have been authorized to open it (for carrying purposes, as I am struggling with lack of space) I will only do that if I have to ... I would like Carla to get it the way this family has wanted her to.

Livia's presents

Carla's presents

Needless to say that these "Godmothers" have contributed with 10 Euros each, as agreed upon. I feel blessed these children have  found committed "Godparents" who care for them and who want them to know they care ...

May they be blessed as well ...


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