Thursday, 10 February 2011

Some more presents for the children of Calheta ...

I shall soon be going back to Cape Verde  in order to carry out several workshops over the Carnival holiday period and have therefore been collecting the presents to take to the children, who have got Portuguese "gardian Angels".

Celeste , who has recently joined the group of Portuguese "Godmothers" has given me a dress, a few T-shirts, a skirt, a  little doll and a soft toy, as well as some money to provide for the little girl she has decided to "protect" (Aniza) and Paula has added to the things she had already bought for the girl she is "protecting"  (Ivanilda) a huge soft toy and a doll for either her or any other girl who might not have been given any.

Celeste and the presents she has bought for Aniza.

The soft toy and the doll Paula has bought for Ivanilda

So the soft toy (a cow) Elsa's  little daughter Beatriz had given to make one of the Cape Verdian girls happy and which I had added to Ivanilda's "presents"some time ago will now be given to Tarine (as she has never had a soft toy).

"Simple" gestures like these make the difference ... and once more on behalf of the children I shall soon be working with ... thank you from the bottom of my heart ...

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