Saturday, 12 February 2011

The "Jordanian approaches circuit" - (Still) the afternoon of Day 4

The "Jordanian approaches circuit" - The afternoon period of Day 4 (cont.)

The Royal Tombs (The Corinthian Tomb - The Silk Tomb - The Urn Tomb)
The 25th of January 2011

We were excited, though tired as we approached the Royal Tombs. The Corinthian Tomb was the first one we visited and although I was impressed the facade of the Silk Tomb impressed me a lot more because of the exquisite colouring of the multiple striations on the sandstone. The Urn Tomb was to follow. Apart from its well preserved facade, as well as the whole structure (most probable reason for ha ving been consecrated church in 447 AD) the ceilings were what impressed me most .

The Corinthian Tomb (Left). The Silk Tomb  (Right).
The assembly of the Royal Tombs (Left). The Urn Tomb (Right)

Different images of the Urn Tomb ceiling

As we started heading back to the Siq, we came across a few bedouins ... some just walking about, others riding their donkeys or camels and even horse-pulled carriages. The fact that through to the eighties one of Jordan's tribes  (the Bdul) lived a caved-centred life in Petra can't be overlooked. Until they were re-settled in houses in a purpose built village nearby all they were used to was living in caves within the site and make a living out of providing small services to tourists (which they still do).

The walk up to Petra's entrance visitor's centre was as impressive as the one this morning (almost nine hours ago) ..., it allowed me to notice details I had not thoroughly looked at this morning ...

I don't feel I am (nor ever will be) able to describe my feelings regarding today's experience ... I am  speechless as to Petra's grandeur ... I felt I had read enough to know what to expect ... but I was totally wrong ... it did exceed my expectations ...

 I have bought a book with some reproductions of the Scotish painter David Robert's  1839 paintings of the Ad-Dayr, as well as a unique bright red coloured cross-stich embroidered coat and am now preparing myself for what tomorrow might hold ...


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