Monday, 14 February 2011

Latest news regarding the Calheta project ...

I have today been given some of the latest presents  for the children of Calheta and  I must confess that even if I have insisted on the limited amount of space I have in my baggage, "Godmothers"  bought what they felt the children needed and would be happy to get ... and on their behalf all I can say is thank you for having thought of these children as if they were your own and taken the time to think about them.

Gabriela has given me a pair of long shorts and a blue long-sleeved T-shirt for Elias, as well as a little toy car (he had asked for). She has also given me a mug and a few other things for Elia's parents and siblings, which I feel I won't have space for (this time).

Isabel has given me a pair of long shorts, a brown skirt and two T-shirts that go with them, as well as a pack of colourful underwear for Justina, to which I have added a doll previously given to me by the girls in the gym I go to. 

Carla Carreira has given me a three piece outfit (skirt, waistcoat and T-shirt) and a pack of colourful underwear for Lola, to which I have added a vanilla scented baby doll, a pen case and a decorated pencil. Both these girls will be given reading books with stickers.

On behalf of Tarine's "godmother", her friend Sandra has bought her a gym coat (as she participates in the soft ball group) to which I will add a soft toy.

Elias's presents (Left). Justina's presents (Right).

One of Tarine's presents (Left). Lola's presents (Right).

Each of these friends has colaborated with ten Euros to provide for their immediate school needs. Cecilia has also colaborated with twenty Euros to provide for anything it may be necessary, before she has a child "under her care", but  one of the greatest presents of all came in the form of an e-mail and two photographs Sibylle sent me today and which I feel we should all feel proud of.

Nessinha, who (last May) was just a child, whose prospect of attending a kindergarten was dependent on the grandmother and great grandmother, who struggle with daily difficulties, is now a happy little girl attending the local kindergarten, she might have never attended, had it not been for Sandra, who decided to take on the responsibility to pay for it.

Her whole family came by my friend Sibylle to get a photo taken and to thoroughly thank Sandra and all of us for what we have been doing to help their child and all the other children of Calheta.
The pictures speak for themselves ...

Nessinha with her kindergarten "uniform" nowadays

 (Left). Nessinha last May (Right).

Nessinha with her grandmother, young adolescent aunt and grandmother in Sibyle's kitchen

It is pictures like these that make me continue believing in this project ...

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