Sunday, 13 February 2011

More presents for the children of Calheta

I am now collecting the last presents for the children of Calheta, as I shall be leaving in just two weeks time and want to have the already "overweighed" baggage ready. It will naturally be very difficult this time, once there are 23 children under our gardian angel type of "protection", but with the help of my friend Marie Helène, who shall also embark the same day as I do, I have a feeling we might (hopefully) do it without too many problems.

Because some "godparents" don't have the time to get presents for the children I have today taken the morning to do that. I have bought a violet T-shirt and some Jeans long-shorts for Veinilson on behalf of Luis and his family, to which I added a construction kit to make a car (which I know he likes), taken out of the toys and didactic material provided by the Gym I attend.

On behalf of Salomé I have also bought some blue corduroy velvet long-shorts and a long-sleeved red T-shirt for Marquinho, as well as a plane and  some airport vehicles for him to play with, to which I will  later add a colouring book and a box of colouring pencils.

Not having been able to contact Artemisa's two "gardian angels" and anticipating she might be sad and disappointed to see the other children getting some presents, I decided to buy her a long-sleeved butterfly-flower decorated T-shirt with incorporated bag, to which I added a small handbag given by Cristina, a doll provided by the Gym and a colouring-sticker book with a decorated pencil. Carla Brigida will add some sandals and T-shirts to complement her presents, as this young lady is one of the children who needs our support the most.

Veinilson's presents (Left). Marquinho's presents (Right).

Artemisa's presents

All the "Godparents" (with the exception of 5 who will over the next week) have colaborated with ten Euros to provide for some of the school material required along the year and/or the  5 month kindergarten, with the exception of Carla who provided 15 Euros to pay for the baptism party expenses of Leidina, Maria João and Sandra, who had to pay for the uniform and sports outfit and 10 month kindergarten of Eduardo and Nessinha respectively. Ana Maria colaborated with 20 Euros for any further needs.

I sometimes think about the amount needed to provide for the basic  educational needs of these children and the little extra to make them happy ... and wonder ... 

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