Sunday, 6 February 2011

Photo shooting session prior to NAV 's yearly ceremony ...

The enterprise I have been working at as an Aviation English teacher for the last 28 years holds several ceremonies a year and although I have rarely attended any of them, felt it to be impolite not to attend the 18th of January dinner ceremony to praise those who have dedicated 25 years of their life to the enterprise (I being one of them), together with the 12th anniversary of NAV (Air Navigation) after the splitting up of the original ANA (Airports and Air Navigation) into two enterprises.

I feel the many students who have attended my classes are my best judges ... they are the ones who know who I am ... how committed I have been over these years and how I react in and out of the class ... they judge me (I believe) for  my actions ... who I am and what I stand for ...

I dressed up for the occasion ... (as rare as my "ceremony absences") ... I went through a photo shooting session (even rarer) ... but did I make a diference or simply stood out as "being different"..., I wonder.

Note :
The photos were taken by my photographer friend Lurdes. I owe the make-up to my  hairdresser friend Paula.

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