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The "Jordanian approaches circuit" - Day 3 (Cont.)

The "Jordanian approaches circuit" - Day 3 (Cont.)

Wadi Mujib - Karak
The 24th of January 2011

"One of Jordan's most spectacular natural features lies between Madaba and Karak", Wadi Mujib - as in accordance with Mathew Teller ... and the truth is there are some really stunning view points into a barren like landscape, cutting through 1200m of altitude from the desert plateau in the east down to the Dead Sea in the west.

Wadi Mujib images

The presence of human life - a herd of sheep in line (Left). Bedouine carpets on the Canyon(Right).

 The herd of sheep that "forced" the bus to halt (Left). View taken on the way to Karak (Right)

The Southern stretches of the King's Highway pass through increasingly arid landscape up to  Karak, which still lies within its Crusader-era walls. Its Crusader castle is said to be one of the finest in the Middle East and its downfall linked with Reynald of Chantillon, a ruthless, vicious and unscrupulous warrior who arrived in the Holy land in 1147. Poking into dark rooms and gloomy passageways was the proposal of the guide and so we walked int its dungeons... with added excitment.

Karak Castle images

We finally drove to Petra ... and  although we shall be "exploring" the site throughout the  whole day tomorrow, one first image of the village dwellers has already impacted me ... (the woman without a face).

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