Monday, 31 January 2011

The "Jordanian approaches" circuit - Day one (cont.)

The "Jordanian approaches" circuit - Part of the afternoon of day one

The Lower city of Amman - The Theatre - The  Museum of Jewellery and Costume
The 22nd January 2011

Soon after a real delicious lunch, which was one of the best I have ever had in terms of quality and variety (not forgetting the fact that I was introduced to some of the typical Jordanian cuisine for the first time), we headed towards the Lower city of Amman, in which the remains of the collonade of the Forum and the 169 -177 AD  Roman Theatre  are to be seen.

Two images of the Roman Theatre (photo taken from the Citadel)

These are surrounded by an intricate residential urban fabric of fairly low buildings, almost uniform in type and colour (yellowish), which are quite impressive.

Views of the Lower city residential area

Inside the main entrance of the Theatre there is a Museum of Jewellery and Costume with quite a wide variety of attire worn by women and men up to a few decades ago in various regions of the country. Having always been fascinated by bedouine clothes I almost exclusively photographed the female models in their richly embroidered coloured cotton clothes.

A galery on a lower level of this Museum houses fragments of mosaics from the Madaba  area (which we shall be visting later in the week) dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, as well as mosaics found in the Church of Elijah, Mary and Soreg in Jerash of the late 6th century AD).

We shall soon be climbing up the hill that leads to the Citadel and I am really looking forward to what the former acropolis of the ancient city still holds ... 

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