Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Annecy lake ... or the beauty in the eye of every beholder ...

Annecy lake has this kind of harmonious beauty that draws our attention and virtually takes our breath away, irrespective of which season of the year it is.

I remember having visited it for the first time  five years ago during Spring and being overwhelmed by its images, but the ones taken on the first day of the year have had a similar effect on me.

Being the second largest in France, it is also known as Europe's cleanest lake. It is said to have been formed about 18,000 years ago following the melting of large alpine glaciers, but no encyclopedia has accounted for its beauty, and although it is often said that being a subjective "experience" is't but in the eye of the beholder, how many (if any) would not be touched by the incomparable "beauty" of these images?...

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