Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Solidarity gestures (cont.)

I must openly state that I have been overwhelmed by the number of recent contributions towards the Cape Verde project.

Cristina was the first person to bring some second hand toys for the children of Calheta, followed by Helena who brought in three brand new 500, 1000 and 2000 piece puzzles, having heard that the children really enjoyed doing them.  It was then Elsa's turn having brought a whole bunch of toys and books sellected by her little daughter Beatriz from among her own. 

Puzzles brought in by Helena (Left) and two bags of toys, puzzles and books by Elsa (Right)

Some of these will be "travelling" with me next March to be handed to the children of the village who have never had a toy or a book of their own. I will document the distribution of these precious goods, (as always), because I believe it is important for people to "witness"  the children's happiness, together with the fact that it will be as equally important for little Beatriz to see who the new owners of her toys and books are.

Elsa (Left) and Cristina (Right).


These colleagues of mine have shown me their solidarity side but I am sure they will soon be "touched" by the difference they will have made in some of the children of Calheta's lives ... and that  in itself is going to be their utmost reward for having been generous ... 

On behalf of those children all I can say is thank you ...

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