Monday, 3 January 2011

The happiness behind a gesture ...

I have just been sent a few photos from Calheta, which (needless to say) convey the happiness of four families who were given some second-hand clothes that had been collected amongst some of  my colleagues and later sent by postal parcel to Cape Verde. 

Benedita holding the postal package (Left) and opening it together with her daughter Djamila (Right).

Little Aniza holding two "new dresses" (Left). Nha Francisca and Nelsinha (her great grand daughter) wearing the "new" blouses (Right).

Benedita and her daughter wearing the "new" blouses.

Benedita's two sons, Vivi  (Left) and Mito (Right) holding and wearing their "new" T-shirts and hats respectively.


Nate (Left) and her daughter Lou (Right) wearing the "new" clothes.

How a little gesture can turn some of people's moments into "moments of happiness" ...

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