Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The solidarity gestures that came from France ...

I  am touched  by the latest events and must  therefore confess I  now know I had  the privilege of meeting some very special people whilst recently travelling to Turkey with Christian (Marie Helène and Noelle). Christian I knew I could count on to help me out with the project of Cape Verde, (as he always has in the past) but these new "trip companions" I shared some of my experiences in Africa with, have now come forward with additional contributions. 

I have today received a postal pack  from Marie Helène with 6 thoroughly sellected games and puzzles for the children of Calheta (each of them allowing them to further develop a wide variety of skills, amongst which are quick thinking,  reasoning and association of ideas).

The postal parcel (Left) and its contents (Right).

Noelle has also let me know today that she wants to pay for the schol fees of one of the children of Calheta, as well as anything that child might need, and because so far there has been no definite decision as to whether Erica will be "looked after" by Sandra's mother I have decided that the best solution is to have Noele become Erica's "godmother". These are the things I have taken the liberty to buy  and sellect for her, trusting Noelle will agree with my choice.

A two piece outfit (a striped shirt and blue trousers), a book to colour and put stickers on, a decorated pencil, as well as a soft toy cat provided by the Gymn and a little bag provided by Cristina Igreja (Left) for Erica (Right).

May they be blessed (... I am sure they will).

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