Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas presents for the children of Calheta, Cape Verde

I shall be flying to Cape Verde next March to carry out another workshop during the Carnival holidays (estimated departure on the 4th and return on the 13th of March 2011), which is when the children and I shall be celebrating "Christmas" (with the handing out of the presents).

Those who are paying for the school fees of the 21 children in need have a rare opportunity to send something for their "protegées", though I have had to define a weight and size limit in regards to what I shall be able to carry (on their behalf), which comes down to very few things - clothes, books and toys  (1 per child, with a slight exception in what concerns the most recent girls within this group of "protected" children, as well as the parents and siblings of my "protegée" Leinira, whom I have grown fond of and for whom there will be an additional souvenir).

Leinira's family

These are some of the things I have been given today and which have been added to the ones I had already bought or which had been given to me some time ago. I seem to be as excited as the average children on Christmas' eve, because I know they will simply love the things I'll be bringing in for them.

A pink outfit of T-shirt/shorts bought by Sandra Sousa for her "protegée" Nessinha, as well as a small backpack toy given by Christina Igreja (Left).

A white and purple T-shirt/shorts; vanilla scented baby doll; reading/ colouring  book with stickers; little school box and a decorated pencil bought by Carlos Bicho and his family for their "protegée" Ivanilde Elena (Right).

A school bag; a pair of tenis shoes and a reading book with stickers bought by myself for my "protegée Leinira (Left).
A pink T-shirt and shorts bought by Carla Oliveira for her her "protegée " Leidina, as well as two children books offered by the responsible of one of the best known bookshops in Lisbon (Right).

Carla Oliveira has given me some money to keep on providing for something little Leidina might need, so as Sandra to ensure Nessinha's kindergarten fees till next August. Carlos Bicho and I have also put in some money to provide for our "protegées" needs, though their school fees and  school material have already been paid for.

What is 20 Euros?  For us in Europe it may be little, but it does make a difference in these children's lives ...

I once more feel grateful for having friends and colleagues who believe we might be able to make a difference ...

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