Monday, 6 December 2010

The children of Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

It is difficult not to think about the obstacles some of these children have to overcome to have a reasonable life (if ever they manage to) ... from helping their parents in the fields or anything that sometimes requires physical strength they sometimes do not have to having to make it through  the school activities without any material, this is what "normal" life to them means. 

They struggle with difficulties of all sorts, some of which we cannot even think of, and yet ... they smile ... and (many of them) believe they will become "somebody" when they grow older ... "somebody" in the sense of not having to go through so many difficulties and above all "somebody" to help their mothers have a better life as well. They mostly come from single-parent families and their mothers and grand-mothers are the reference they have.  

Four more girls are going to be helped. 7 year old Ivanilde Elena has become Carlos and his family's "protegée", whilst little  2 year old Odete will be "taken care of" by Gabriela's sister. Ivanilde is hearing impaired but does what every other child of her age would do and Odete has had a rather "troubled" childhood.

Ivanilde (Left) and Odete with her mother (Right)

Carlos Bicho

Little  2 year old Aniza and 9 year old Erica, though in different "problematic" situations (the smallest one unaware of her young mother's serious health problem) are both in need of help and have already a few people wanting to become their "godmothers".

I am once again impressed by people's generosity and the truth is that many more people are becoming aware that one can do a lot without having to spend much, if the money is thoroughly channelled to the basic needs, one of those is  being a better education.

 At this particular moment in time, there are more people potentially interested in  helping these children than the number of children on the list.

Aniza with her sister (Left) and Erica (Right).

I am very proud and extremely thankful to all of these people who have been helping me fulfill the dreams of these children - to become "somebody".

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