Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas presents for the children of Calheta ... (cont.)

Some more presents have been handed out to me for the children of Calheta. The book on pirates with stickers for Eduardo is adequate enough for him, taking into account the fact that Cape Verde was several times invaded by these "predators".

Maria João, his "godmother" will be sending money as well (in accordance with a previous agreement), to pay for his new uniform (which has already been bought) and for his gymn outfit and half of the second-hand bicycle to be bought locally (which I will pay half of).

Lurdes has bought (for her "protegée" Diva) a two piece outfit (a pair of violet colour trousers and a colourful T-shirt); a  vanilla scented baby doll; a reading book with stickers; a decorated pencil and a small pencil case.

One of Eduardo's presents (Left). Diva's presents (Right).


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