Thursday, 16 December 2010

The shipping of the three cardboard boxes to Calheta ... or gestures of solidarity (still) ...

The three cardboard boxes with second-hand clothes and toys have been "shipped" today, because of the generosity of someone, whom the children of Calheta will  be forever thankful to.

The storing of the boxes at the company warehouse prior to being shipped.

This has come to me as a relief, not only because I know these clothes will be adequate and fairly distributed to those who need the most, but also because after a few futile attempts at shipping them off, I finally came across a "special" person who helped me out, without expecting anything in return.

Because genuine solidarity gestures are becoming rare, I would like to mention two sisters-in-law residing in Moscavide (Manuela Reduto and Cristina Marques) who having heard there was an 11 year old girl in need of urgent support (Artemisa), joined forces to help her  in what I would consider one of the promptest responses I have ever seen. This little girl has now got herself two "godmothers".

Salomé had been wanting a "protegé" for a few days, but the moment she saw the photo of a particular little boy in need, fell for his tender look and  also in a very prompt way decided to become his "godmother".

Salomé (Right) and "her" little boy (Left).

Marie Helène (the "godmother" of Joceline Elena) having known that most of the games and Art material I use with the children of Calheta are from Djeco (a French Company), bought me a few  children' s games ... and I have today been told they are already coming my way (sent by postal service from France).

As if the the "Christmas" presents I have received lately (in all of these solidarity gestures) were not enough, yesterday night, as I and Carla (Rosana's "godmother") were training at the gymn, the "coach trainers" having collected a few bags of games and toys to hand out to schools and associations, decided to hand me out two of those for the children of Calheta.

We could barely hold them, let alone walk to my place carrying them, but in a further generous gesture one of the coach trainers (Claudia) drove by and offered to help us.

What can I say?...
... I am touched by this sequence of "gestures" ... , but  above all I am immensely grateful ...

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