Thursday, 2 December 2010

Latest news on Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde

I haven't yet been able to ship the clothes and toys collected for the children of Calheta because of a minor (logistical) problem, which I hope to be able to solve soon, though I have been thinking about Calheta more than ever.

A recent appeal to help some local children (whose photos I am enclosing) received a prompt response on the part of two friends of mine - Marie Helène, who shall be providing for the needs of one of the girls and Carla Brígida, who not only decided to take on the responsabilities to financially provide for 10 year old Rosana, but also took on the task of spreading the word  among some of her friends (Paula Martins, Rosário, Lurdes and Luis).

The girl on the left has become Paula Martins' protegée, whilst Diva and Joceline Elena (picture on the right hand side) have become Lurdes and Marie Helène's protegées respectively.

Paula Martins (Left) and Lurdes (Right).

Carla has become Rosário's protegée.  The interesting story is that Rosário has an adopted child of Cape Verdian origin (Nair) and without any hesitation decided to provide for this 10 year old girl. They have both seen Carla's photo  and are thrilled to have added another element to their family.

Rosário and her adopted child Nair (Left) and "their" protegée Carla (Right).

Carla Brígida (Left) and her protegée Rosana (Right).

Luis, his wife and daughter will be providing for the needs of a boy, but are determined to provide me with something very valuable towards the further development of the community of Calheta, which is something I'll talk about in due time, though.

All I can think of, right now, is to thank these "marvellous " people who have let me know they "are" with me in this project.

May they be blessed for being thoroughly engaged in helping these children. 

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