Sunday, 12 December 2010

More Christmas presents for the children of Calheta ...

I have received the Christmas presents for Rosana and most of the presents for Diva, as in accordance to my advice regarding what should be bought  and the limit of things I should (presumably) be able to carry  (for the 21 girls and boys) in my luggage.

Because Joceline Elena's "Godmother", Marie Helène lives in France, I have taken the liberty to buy the presents on her behalf, trusting she will agree with my taste.  Marie Helène, one of my "companions" in the Turkish circuit, decided to suport my project the moment I spoke about it, having got herself a "protegée" and offering herself to help me in anything I might need, including travelling with me to Cape Verde sometime. 

An orange pullover; a book with stickers; a baby doll; a decorated pencil and a pencil case for Joceline Elena bought by me on Marie Helène's behalf (Left). A colourful dress; a book with stickers; a baby doll; a decorated pencil and a pencil case bought by Carla Brigida for her "protegée"  Rosana (Right).

The whole idea is for all of the children to get similar presents, so as to make them feel they are being treated "equally" ..., though there may be some slight differences, depending on their needs and the things they have already been given before (such as dolls). Eduardo will only get a book with stickers, as he has been paid his uniform and will be given the necessary money for the gymn outfit and to buy a second-hand bicycle locally, as in compliance with a previous "agreement".

Some of the dresses  for the children won't  have to be bought, as I was given some "new" second-hand clothes which might be handed out, depending on their sizes. 

The number of "Godmothers to be" keeps on growing, which leads me to believe that in spite of the "problematic" situation we are facing in Portugal nowadays, people keep on having "solidarity gestures"...

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