Friday, 10 December 2010

Another postcrossing card which will not have the right to be on any wall ...

This is another postcrossing card which has not been registered, inspite of having been travelling for  46 days to the UK.

It is  obviously clear it will not be registered, once the people it was addressed to have not reponded to my suggestion of sending them another one.


What is  particularly sad about this whole process of sending cards to randomly sellected people is the fact that we as consciencious senders do not only spend money but (furthermore) try hard to send cards which people we are sending them to are potentially interested in, as in accordance with either their profiles or expressed requests ... without any acknowledgement on their part. 

This particular card depicting the Lisbon trams will not make it to the wall of postcrossing, nor will have the faint possibility of being favourited ... but will (like its predecessors) have the right to a (well deserved) reference in my blog ... 


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