Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cape Verde ... or more contributions ...

Marie Helène will be flying from France (via Portugal) to actually travel with me to Cape Verde next March  and help me out with the Arts and Crafts workshop in Calheta during the morning. She will also have the possibility of getting to know Joceline, the girl she has decided to pay the school fees and school material for.

Marie Hélène

In more than a generous act, she will be using part of her holiday period to "give herself" to these children.

But generous acts keep on pouring in. Silvia has just handed me a bag full of T-shirts and shorts for the boys and girls, some of which will make many of the young sportsmen and women very happy, I am sure.

Some of the clothes  Silvia (Right) brought in for the children of Calheta.

I have already started collecting the things "godmothers" are sending to the little boys and girls they are committed to help, because I know I'll have to thoroughly think about weight (which always seems to be a problem) taking into account the fact that I am carrying quite a lot of material for the workshops.

I have been given a hooded T-shirt and a school set for Ivanilda  (by Paula) to which I added some shorts (by Silvia) and a soft toy (by Elsa).  Ana Maria has also given me some money to be used in whatever might be necessary locally.

I just wish more people could understand how important these contributions are ... because then a lot more children could be further helped in this community ...

But my gratitude goes out to all of those who have contributed  ... and those who keep on  "suporting" me (and the children of Calheta) in this "jorney" ...

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