Sunday, 7 August 2016

The National Palace of Mafra - The Infirmary Pharmacy; the Infirmary wards and the Infirmary kitchen - The 7th of August 2016


I then headed towards the Infirmary pharmacy and the Infirmary wards divided in three categories, the one for the convalescent, another one for the novices and finally the one that impressed most - the Infirmary for the gravelly ill.

Prior to walking into the Pharmaceutical area which is said to have been a veritable laboratory for the preparation of medicines made from herbs and roots gathered in the surrounding areas. I briefly strolled along the nurses' cells. 

The Infimary for the gravely ill is divided into sixteen alcoves each of which with its own bed. Above each bed one could see a tiled panel depicting the Cruxification of Christ. All the beds were turned to face the altar so taht patients could attend mass. Above the altar there is a painting Our Lady of Conception.

I finished visiting this series of galleries by having walked into the Infirmary's kitchen, where the meals are said to have been prepared for the nurses and patiens as in accordance with the prescription by the physician. 

(To be continued)

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