Monday, 1 August 2016

La leçon by Eugène Ionesco at Meridional Theatre, Lisbon - The 31st of July 2016

I must confess I had no idea what to expect as I ventured into Teatro Meridional on the last  performing day of Eugène Ionesco's La leçon, though every single time I have been to Meridional I have not been disappointed and regarding some performing acts my expectations exceeded.


Undeniably well performed, I can nevertheless say that I wasn't taken by it though I feel my perspective regarding teaching played a distinct role in my overall opinion.

 "La leçon is about the fragile and perverse relation between knowledge and power and the ephemeral power of the knowledge; the supposedly absolute knowledge that suffocates free thinking;  education and the weight of the formated-type of teaching and its incongruencies; the weakenesses regarding communication and how a dialogue can turn into a series of monologues." in the words of Rui de Freitas (free translation from the Portuguese) does define what the core of the play is about.

I can't help but highly praise the stage and light setting designers for having created an exquisite and adequate atmosphere for such a "complex" performance which has been sold out (almost) everyday.

Adapted version of Eugène Ionesco's play - Ernesto Sampaio (final version for this performance - Miguel Seabra and Natália Luiza).
Metteur en scène - Miguel Seabra.
Actors - Sara Barros Leitão, Miguel Seabra and Elsa Galvão.
Stage setting and costume design - Marta Carreira.
Light setting design - Rui Rebelo.


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