Monday, 22 August 2016

Culture-oriented trip to Madrid - On the way to the hotel - The 19th of August 2016

Having spent three hours inside the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza I didn't realise how hot it was until I walked out. I nevertheless decided to stroll around rather than take any transportation as I made my way towards Calle de los Esparteros, close to Plaza del Sol and Plaza Mayor.

Placards with reproductions of Hieronymus Bosch's paintings could be seen everywhere, once its 500th anniversary exhibition was one of the major events in Madrid. As I walked by the Prado Museum there were a lot of people queuing up to buy tickets, so I relaised then how fortunate I was to have purchased it beforehand. 

Just around Plaza del Sol heading towards Plaza Mayor stood the little hostal I had booked two nights at. The moment I sighted the bed I almost felt like throwing myself onto it and not go out for the rest of the day.
My feet were swollen and I realised I had a few blisters on them from having walked under such a burning sun, but I was decided not to let the extremely warm weather affect my three day long weekend, so after having had a quick mild cold shower walked out of the hostal again. 

I headed towards the Church of Santo António de los Alemanes across from Callao, not without having briefly stopped at an outside Café with sprinkling adapted shower-like fountains to refresh the clients as I had a vegetarian focaccia with an orange juice.

The Church was undergoing restoration so I decided to head back to the hotel and call it off for the day but as the heat seemed  not to subside I walked into the Church of our Lady of Carmen instead just to relax for a while.

I tried to walk out several times but always made my way back in, as one wasn't able to breath outsied, such was the heat. I noticed the local Governament had had  fan-like blinds adapted  on the streets which vaguely reminded me of Sevilla and Cordoba streets in the peak of the Summer. 

Upon reaching the Corredores street I walked into another religious site, this time the Santa Cruz Church just overlooking the hostal.  

I vaguely remember having watched some Olympic competions being broadcasted in direct just beofre having gone to sleep. It had been a long yet very interesting day.


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