Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Art as a remedy ...

Having been taken ill I decided to surround myself of every possible remedy that would help me recover if not instantly at least in a relatively short period of time. Apart from the offical remedies I selected a few CDS of traditional Cape Verdian music to listen to over the long weekend and took a book on the complete works of  Hieronymus Bosch to the bedroom which I decided to use as my recovery space.
As I listened to the musical gems gathered in the colections produced by Ocora  on every island, especially São Nicolau, Santiago and Fogo I asked myself why is it that we as former colonialists of Cape Verde and other African countries didn't do as the French did - a retrospective collection of the musical genres pertaining to the countries we ruled over (not them)? ...

I know that following independance the French Institute played a much more important role in the development of the French Language, as well as local cultural related events on the islands than the Portuguese Institute did, having therefore had a much stronger cultural impact, which again led me to wonder why that was so.

Putting my disappointment aside as to who did (or didn't do) what and why I really enjoyed my musical re-discovery over the weekend, which made me feel closer to Cape Verde than I have been lately.

Bibliotheca Universalis' edition of Hieronymus Bosch complete works and Stefan Fisher's thorough insight as to what every panel is about together with the importance of every detail in Bosch's Art took me into a page back  and forth adventure through the Earthly delights and the merky depths of Hell and back.

Despite not having yet finished reading it, as an advance preparation for my trip to Madrid to watch the 500th anniversary on his death exhibition I am a lot more aware of certain issues I would otherwise not be able to find out on my own. I do believe I'll be able to "cover" the remaining pages over the next two days and get immersed into the intricacy of Bosch's thoughts.

I am feeling much better which in my personal case reinforces the fact that Art in its various forms is a remedy I shouldn't do without, irrespective of the doctors' opinions.


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