Monday, 22 August 2016

Culture-oriented trip to Madrid - The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum's collection - The 2nd Floor - The 19th of August 2016

I reached Madrid in the morning and before having droped my backpack at the Hotel headed towards Atocha by bus. I then walked the rather short distance to the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza hoping to see two temporary exhibitions, one on Caravaggio and the painters of the North, an the other  on Caillebotte.


A fairly wide diverse body of Caravaggio's work and that of many of his followers was being exhibited as well as a rather interesting retrospective of Caillebotte. Despite there being very well clear explanations beside every painting on display I paid for an audio guide that took me all the way through these incredibly well organised and interesting exhibits and the permanent Museum's collection, where I spent around three hours in total.

Photos were only allowed in the permanent exhibition galleries on both the first and second floors. For rather specific reasons I took a few photos of  some of the oil paintings that impacted me.


Boy in a turban - 1655 by Michiel Sweerts (left). View of the Canal from San Vio - 1723-24 by Canaletto (right).

Portrait of a young lady - 1540-60 by Paris Bordone (left). Le billet doux -1570 by Francois Clouet (right).

The temptation of Saint Anthony - 1520 by Jan Wellens de Cock

Scenes from the passion by anonymous German painter - 1495-1500.

Saint Jerome by Master De Grossgmain - 1498.

The good Centurion beneath the cross (detail) and a group of figures with Saint Veronica holding the sudarium  by Derick Baegert - 1477-78.


The Anunciation by Gentile Bellini - 1465 (left). The presentation in the Temple by anonymous German painter - 1430 (right).

Young knight in a landscape  by Vittore Carpaccio - 1510.

Portrait of King Henry VIII by Hans Hobein the younger (left). Portrait of Infanta by Juan de Flandres - 1496 (right).

Saint John the Evangelist and Saint John the Baptist with  a donor by Jaon Mates - 1410 (left). Lamentation Tryptic by the Master of la Leyenda de Santa Lucia - 1475 (right).

Madonna of Humility with angels and a donor (details) by anonymous painter from Venice.

The Virgin Annunciate - gilded wooden sculpture by anonymous artist from Siena.

(To be continued)


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