Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Santo Aleixo da Restauração village, Alentejo - The Tomina Festivities - The fireworks display - The 28th of August 2016

I was particularly tired by the end of the day and despite wanting to see the fireworks display, which in a sense would be the culminating moment of such an eventful day and one that would be accounted for in regards to the commitment of the yearly "festeiros", I was convinced I wouldn't be able to watch it, especially because we had been told it would start at one in the morning.

My boss, his wife and I sat talking for a long while, as none of us really wanted to do without such a"treat" ...We were fortunate enough though because for some sort of unknown reason the colourful and rather noisy show of light started earlier and we watched it through from the patio in absolute delight. 

I must confess I was impressed with such a memorable display of fireworks ...  but more so when I was getting ready to go to bed and briefly thought back and summarised the whole experience of the day.

 I couldn't help but feel honoured to have been invited over so as to be able to acnowledge and effectively witness such rich and culturally interesting religious-associated events ...



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