Monday, 22 August 2016

Culture-oriented trip to Madrid - St. Jerome Royal Church and the Hieronymus Bosch 's 5th centenary exhibition at Museo del Prado - The 20th of August 2016

When I reached Paseo del Prado it was still too early to queue at the entrance of previously bought tickets so I decided to go up the hill behind one of Prado Museum's entrances, so as to visit the 16th century St. Jerome Royal Church.

Also referred to as the Hieronymus Monastery the Gothic-styled church with Renaissance influences was a little gem, where I relaxed prior to the visit to the Prado Museum.

The reprospective of Bosch's works was very well organised and despite there being thorough written explanations close to each of the paintings, etchings, altarpieces, miniatures and drawings, as well as in the booklet we were handed out the moment we walked into the exhibit galleries I decided to carry an audio guide, which was a very helpful "utensil", particularly when I couldn't get closer to the paintings because of the number of people. 

Apart from the best known paintings I was rather impressed with the table of the seven deadly sins, which pertaining to Prado I didn't recall having seen when I visited it before, though I was taken by most of his paintings, especially after having read about them all in detail in the 700 something pages I just managed to finish on the eve of my trip No photos were allowed; which is understandable.

I ended up spending another three hours visiting the Prado Museum permanent collection till I couldn't walk any further. There again pictures weren't allowed.

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